Tai Chi Videos

Equalizing Pressure in Tai Chi by Pressing Into the Foot

More on Equalizing Pressure and the Spiral

How the Internal Aspects of the Peng Jin Creates the External Two Circles

More Subtle Aspects of Movement and Stillness in Tai Chi

Healing Aspects of Peng Jin in Tai Chi

Yang and Yin Circles in Tai Chi

Yin and Yang with Tiger and Dragon in Tai Chi

Bioresonance and the Dome Tent in Tai Chi

General Principles of Tai Chi Form Practice

Internal Structure of Taiji – Chen Pan Ling 99

Nanshan The 2nd World Tai Chi Cultural Festival


Push Hands Training #2

Push Hands Training #3

Push Hands Training #4

99 Posture (rear view)

3 Part (created by Mr Liu)

Thai Massage Instruction (Excerpt)

Thigh Movement

37 Posture Form (with breathing description)

37 Posture Form (with turning description)

Applications of Chen Man Ching Short Form