Private Seminars

Hal offers private seminars around the world. The seminars will improve a student’s martial arts practice by reinforcing the martial principles. Please contact him for more information.

Previously Offered Public Seminars

Tai Chi Push Hands

The core training in Tai Chi involves two primary features: 1) solo form, a slow sequence of movements which emphasize a straight spine, relaxed breathing and a natural range of motion; and 2) different styles of pushing hands for training “stickiness” and sensitivity in the reflexes through various motions from the forms in concert with a training partner in order to learn leverage, timing, coordination and positioning when interacting with another. Push Hands is necessary for training the self-defense skills of a soft style of martial art.

Bagua Applications

This workshop is for all levels of students from all martial arts systems, no previous experience necessary. Bring a friend if possible to work with.

The workshop will emphasize both the philosophical and tactical aspects of the Bagua and Hsing-I but put the tactical aspects first in the training. Once the student has a “handle” on the tactical aspect – that is they can do drills with a partner with some understanding – then they will be introduced to the philosophical, religious, and esoteric ideas that are intregal to the martial arts and will eventually lead to a genuine understanding of a given art. These arts are not arts of form, they are tactile response arts. The forms reflect physical applications which come out of trained physical responses.