Hal Mosher has studied and written about Tai Chi for over 28 years, and has included some of his writing below.

Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine January/February 2011
As Seen in Kung Fu Magazine (Jan/Feb 2011):
Using Tai Chi Chuan Against a Throw

Tai Chi and Health

Breathing Practice in Tai Chi Chuan
Resolving Knee Strain in Tai Chi Practice


3 Ways of Shifting and 3 Ways of Turning
Developing Root In Tai Chi Practice
Expansion on the Five Principles of Tai Chi

Push Hands

Stages In Push Hands Practice
Taking the Wrestling Out of Push Hands Exercises

Spiritual Aspects

Stages Of Feeling Yin and Yang (in Tai Chi)
Tai Chi as A Spiritual Practice
Three Levels of Tai Chi Practice: Li, Chi, and I

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